How can beauty devices benefit skin care?

August 27, 2021

Whether beauty devices are effective or not, and whether different technical principles bring about changes at different structural levels of the skin, let’s start with the layers of the skin.

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The picture above is a model of a skin.

The most superficial layer is the superficial layer of the epidermis, which is differentiated by many keratinocytes layer by layer. The epidermis mainly acts as a barrier and is continuously renewed. When we take a shower, rubbing down a pile of mud, is the epidermis after the metabolism of the “cell carcass”. More visually, a large piece of dandruff is also strong evidence of the existence of the epidermis of the head. The thickness, oil and water content of the epidermis often determines whether the skin looks shiny and translucent. Too thick epidermis, such as men who do not wash their faces, looks rough and uneven, which is a problem of the epidermis. However, too thin is likely to cause skin sensitivity. If you don’t wash your face hard enough, or if you stay up late, the stratum corneum is too high in oil content, and your face is full of oil, while you feel that your skin is oily when you pinch it, which is a sign of too high oil content. And just swim or wash your face, the skin tender water, this is the epidermal layer of water content increased performance. Generally we need to seek a balance in each indicator to make the skin healthy, permeable and hydrated.

Looking down, the red granular tissue is also part of the epidermis, called the deep epidermis, where melanocytes are active. They are stimulated by UV rays to secrete melanin to protect the dermis from photoaging or sunburn, yet such a defensive measure turns into dullness and discoloration.

Down to the pink area is the dermis, which contains a large number of collagen fibers, elastic fibers, and various accessory proteins of the skin. This layer is responsible for the skin’s appearance of fullness and elasticity. As we age, collagen is lost and elasticity decreases, resulting in wrinkles and depressions if localized, and a dried out and saggy appearance on the face as a whole.

Further down, there is the facial fat and fascial layer. The fascial layer is like a net that holds the face to the deep bones so that it does not sag. The sagging fascial layer, on the other hand, drives the overall sagging of the face with tear troughs, lines, Indian lines, and an overall change in facial contour.

The lowermost layer is the muscle layer, which is associated with dynamic facial wrinkles, such as crow’s feet, nasolabial lines, etc. With too much muscle contraction, expression lines will be too abundant and appear aged. The contraction of the expression muscles due to prolonged stimulation will result in wrinkles that are difficult to fade and increase the likelihood of further becoming permanent wrinkles.

What are the levels that the beauty device targets respectively?

Let’s introduce them by category.

The first category, belonging to the first generation of beauty devices Vibration category: Mia Smart, Beauty Bar, etc.

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Inert metal gold contact with the epidermis, does not bring about changes in skin quality. High frequency vibration can partially relieve edema and promote lymphatic reflux, but it has nothing to do with wrinkles, sagging, spots and dullness.
This type of beauty instrument, considered by me to be a waste of money, can be used as an ornament, but the efficacy can not be expected.


The second category, light therapy type beauty instrument, such as exideal large row of lights , light therapy mask, etc.

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Light therapy-based beauty devices irradiate the skin through red light, blue light and in some cases yellow light and infrared light to stimulate the epidermis and dermis, thus improving skin texture and tone. This type was performed in hospitals many years ago, but as technology has developed and light therapy equipment has become lighter and lighter, and because there are no serious side effects of this treatment itself, light therapy-based beauty devices have also been created.


The third category, microcurrent type beauty instrument. The first is a refa, nuface, and so on.

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Microcurrent products can stimulate muscles through electrical signals to relax muscles, reduce expression lines and produce a certain sense of lifting. Finally, microcurrent through the dermis will also allow the dermis to receive stimulation to promote the production of ATP, thus producing a slight effect of promoting collagen regeneration.


The fourth category, radio frequency class.

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Radiofrequency class beauty instrument uses high energy electromagnetic waves (3KHz~3000GHz) emitted between positive and negative electrodes to produce tissue thermal effect, allowing fibroblasts to be activated by heat and promoting the restructuring of collagen in the dermis.
Different electrode arrangements produce different RF effects.


The above classification is only a simple distinction, and in the current development, the beauty instrument has also achieved N-in-one.


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